Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry, I've been working.

It's been a while since I last posted here, and I have to apologize. My blogging career was side-tracked by a brief and traumatic tryst with actual work; but now, I've caught a few moments to get back to what's really important: Tweeting and blogging about stuff.

And, what better way to get back to internet geekery with some good old self-aggrandizing. Take it as an alcoholic's version of, "How I spent my summer."

Let's begin the show and tell...

Amacon's "District" campaign: This project actually began an entire year ago, with me and the team at Industrial Brand hashing out names for this South Main St. Loft development over way too much sushi. Things were great back then, with plenty of work. Then, the bottom dropped out of the local real estate market, and the project got shelved. But low and behold, things got better a few months back, and we got the call to go ahead with the launch.

The idea was to create the anti-real-estate real estate campaign. I actually hashed out this epic list of smarmy real estate words that we would ban for use. Stuff like: spacious, urban, luxury, lifestyle, and loads more crap that hides under the lapels of greasier estate agents. Check it out at www.southmaindistrict.com

Versus MMA and Fitness's "Flash-Fight" UFC Stunt: This one started out as a small idea, and just got progressively more and more ridiculous. I had been training at this MMA studio, doing kick-boxing and interval workouts, and trading my services as a copywriter for a monthly pass. Each month I'd write their newsletter, and each month their trainers would punch me in the face for a few hours. In a totally unrelated incident, I met a young videographer that was keen on doing a spec guerilla stunt. He asked me if I was interested in writing it, and if I knew of any willing clients. I said yes, and asked the guys at the gym the next day. The gym was really stoked, and within a week, I had come up with the idea of doing a flash-mob type of event—but with boxers and a collapsable ring. Client then made the suggestion of using the promo in conjunction with a gym-sponsored awareness campaign for the UFC, and its current banned status in Vancouver. After countless hours of rehearsing, story boards, and trying to talk girls into walking around a makeshift boxing ring in the middle of Vancouver, this is what we came up with.

Homeless Copywriter: This one has been a long time coming, with all sorts of crazy moving pieces. From a basic idea for new portfolio site, to a youth homelessness campaign with help from design firms, PR shops and one of my advertising idols, the project is finally getting ready to launch next week. I won't go into too much detail yet; you'll have to hang tight just a little longer. www.homelesscopywriter.com

Excel Tire: Working with the guys over at Brandspank, I was challenged with a mature brand that wanted a fresh position. The tire industry can be a tough one, with some very entrenched competition that own words like, "Trust" and "Service"; big words for people afraid of perceived shady mechanics. What we ended up doing, though, was going in the opposite direction, drawing attention to the big corporate conglomerates that lay down rules for the competition. Excel's Campaign would infer that they were simply good old-fashioned mechanics; ones that had a stake in their individual shops, and made recommendations based on what consumers needed, as opposed to what executives wanted.

Block Magazine: Been writing their monthly music column. Look for their next issue; up on only the hippest news stands across Canada. How can you tell they're hip? They're next to the cigarettes and Pabst.

Cactus Club Restaurants: Did a complete rewrite of their cocktail list, week night drink specials, and chef bio. Soon to be handed out by girls in short skirts everywhere.

Capilano Mall: Again with Brandspank, did a fun little ad for the touring British Artiques (no, that's not a typo) Roadshow that stopped in at Cap Mall. Here she be:

Tisol Pet Nutrition and Supply: Wrote and shot my first proper TV spots. Yay me. Can't show 'em yet, but all three 15 second spots will be airing this Christmas on local networks.

Ledalite: Wrote a brief 6000 word brochure for this crazy new wireless lighting control called Airwave. The whole thing runs on the kinetic energy created by flipping the light switch. Do they deliver it in a hover car? Yes, yes they damn well do.

Fraser Valley Wine Region: Total rebrand alert. Worked with the lovely and talented Brooke Bowie on a brochure and new identity for the Fraser Valley Wine Region:

Last but not least: New logo...

Need a fulltime writer? Dial me up on the internetz.

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