Monday, May 4, 2009

Rebranding thy daily bread

I love toast. I love it with Peanut Butter and Jam, I love it with Cheez Whiz, and I especially love it Dutch style: drowned in butter and Chocolate Hagelslaag. Nom nom nom.

For three years now, my bread of choice has been Silver Hills, a B.C. crafted number that comes in a dozen varieties, and is largely baked without flour, making it easy on my tum-tum.

So imagine my surprise when my little old loaf 'o' bread rocked up this morning in a funky re-designed package, sporting a saucy new moniker to boot. Being that my household is populated by one snooty writer (me), and one picky designer (my lady-partner), new packaging is scrutinized to the Nth degree. It is then chewed on by our third roomie, Luna (French Bulldog).

I'm happy to report though, the agency did one helluva job. The illustrations and bread names are authentic and not over-polished, and the copy is easy, smart, and conversational.

Nice work. Hat-tip to Karacters/DDB Vancouver.

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