Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Umm, Nova Scotia is like a cellphone how?

Here's the plan: We spend huge conceptual energy and 3D rendering dollars to create a cell phone that has everything. It's a metaphor for Nova Scotia! Get it? Get it?! Nove Scotia has everything! Like fish, and beer, aaand... beer.

Wow. This is all together a much too complicated method for communicating the fact that Nova Scotia "has everything you need". The statement in itself is likely the most ubiquitous Unique Selling Proposition I've ever heard.

As an example of how shoe-horned in this campaign is, and how little it has to do with Nova Scotia, I just had to go through this whole post and change everything to "Nova Scotia" - because I thought the damn campaign was for Newfoundland. What's the difference anyhow? Oh, I know, Nova Scotia is like a pink cell phone. Right?

Cool site though. Too bad it takes two hours to load.

See it here.

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