Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Building memes; brick by brick.

As a lad, I have fond memories of Lego. Building cars and dinosaurs, putting it up my nose, etc. At a time, I may have even made some kind of bow tie or something. A very manly bow tie.

That's why I was was so blown away when Lego accessories started showing up on Scenester Party-pic websites like Last Night's Party. Belt buckles, bow ties, hair clips, and god knows what else.

Does Lego know about this? Surely some intern has gone foaming at the mouth to their boss with some of these shots. Should they care? Is it a new market vertical they can expand to? Should Lego sell minimally designed kits of bricks at American Apparel? Run cross-promos with design houses? Hmmm, maybe I should dig out my old bucket of bricks, and make some modern art out of it while the trend's hot.

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