Monday, April 6, 2009

Phoenix rises like delicious bread. Free taste anyone?

Bonjour; check this out. 

My favourite pasty white Francophones are at it again; this time with a Radiohead-style free download of the first single from the new album. Not to mention, the additional offering of a free downloadable multi-track version. That means producers and DJs worldwide can go ahead and remix the track, then play the snot out of it at clubs. That's what I call user-generated-content. Much more so than those inane Doritos Superbowl spots.  Think about it, you give away 1 free track, and DJs all over the world turn it into 5000 different versions in every genre, played from Botswana to Belfast. In a few weeks, the full album will be available for paid download on iTunes. Ka-ching.

Is this the new recording industry model to follow? Maybe not forever, but I'd say it'll do well enough for my Froggy hipster buddies to buy a few hundred cartons of ciggies.

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