Monday, April 6, 2009

Kudos to Koodo.

In my days and nights spent contemplating how, when, and why I'd enter the already over-saturated "Loud-mouthed Copywriter" category of the Blogosphere, there was one thing I promised myself: The first post would be a positive one. 

Why? Because it's so damn easy to shred the work of others. Not because I'm superior in any way, but as a creative, one can always find a loose thread in a campaign, yank it out - and trample it. We've all done it, but really: where we in the concept meetings? Did we hear the client's griping that lead to his concept? Do we know the two-year strategy. Nope, nope, nope.

With that said, I give a slightly-balding head nod to Koodo. At the onset of the "Fat-free mobile" campaign, I applauded the fact that they had actually gone with a concept to illustrate their services' savings that was better that say... a certain other mobile provider that trots out HD animals in EVERY spot over the last 10 years. But people looooove animals. Barf.

As the campaign moved on, it became less a message about weight-loss-as-a-metaphor-for-savings, and more about cheesy 70's porno-stached characters - over punny headlines. This, I felt, was one step too far to the left. I get that they had a signature style and lingo in the spots, but it had lost all meaning. They had crossed into the "funny but totally devoid of connection to the product/service zone", or FBTDOCTTPSZ for short.

Finally though, some brave soul must have raised a Wii-thritic hand and uttered "why not lose the fromage fitness thing all together until we choose a new strategy?" 

So now, we are left with Koodo spots that contain totally wacked out Sesame St. style graphics with punny headlines. Wait... that sounds familiar. But, at least they're being honest. 

Koodo's ads now proclaim: Our campaign is fun, stands out, but really doesn't mean anything strategy-wise. So buy the damn phones; okay?

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  1. That all said, I do agree with some of the points you do make. However it is unlikely they will win the likes of me over with being so obnoxious. My dislike of this campaign is quite visceral.