Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Save money, eat styrofoam.

I know times are tough, (okay - toughish - we're still all enjoying cable TV and ass-wipe with built-in lotion) but is it really call for turning to space food to feed our cheese-dependent youngsters?

I see the fine dietary bastions of society - Frito Lay - have unleashed their "stimulus plan" (my god, if I see one more campaign based around this concept, I'm heading straight to Washington to drown myself in that big ass lake thingy they've got down there) upon the awaiting mouths of North Americans. Said plan consists of this. Giant Cheetos.

Seriously? With all the talk of organic food stuffs, sustainability, child-obesity, and a new era of personal responsibility in the good 'ol USA, and we end up with golf-ball sized cheese snacks?

Doomed I say, dooooomed.

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